The Cairo Kidney Center

About CKC


Established in 1986, The Cairo Kidney Center ( was launched a medical institution that focuses on the diagnosis and management of kidney disease. Since then, CKC has positioned itself as a leading Kidney‐disease care center in Egypt and the region, known for its excellence in medical care as well as its internationally acclaimed quality standards in both medical and non‐medical service provision. CKC was initially founded as a limited partnership, and then legalized as a family‐owned closed Joint Stock Company (SAE) registered and operated under Egyptian law 81 in 2004.


Vision Statement

The vision for the future of the Cairo Kidney Center, its subsidiaries, medical staff, health professionals and administrative staff is:
  • To be the kidney‐disease care center of choice for patients, physicians and employees in Egypt, the Middle East region and Africa, known for its preeminent patient care and teaching programs.
  • To be the academic center of choice for residents and healthcare professionals with kidney disease as their primary area of expertise.
  • To be proactive in influencing and adapting to the changes in the direction and focus of Kidney disease, as it continues to evolve.
  • To be a prominent community member known for meeting the healthcare needs of the community through incomparable patient care and wellness programs.


Mission Statement

The Cairo Kidney Center strives to achieve its goals of excellence through:
  • Provision of first‐class medical service to patients with kidney disease based on evidence and strictly adhering to current good medical practice guidelines.
  • Provision of structured training in nephrology in Egypt and beyond.
  • Operating as a responsible, financially viable and productive member of the community with dedication to the interest of all stakeholders involved; thus committing to an open governance system and conducting all medical and business‐related issues ethically and transparently, respecting all applicable laws.

Value Statement

Heath care professionals and staff at the Cairo Kidney Center operate under the following set of values in compliance with the internationally recognized Care‐Value‐ Base system:
  • Patient‐centered Care entails that all endeavors at CKC are guided by the needs of the patient, creating a partnership that is effective and personal across the continuum of care. Compassionate Care and empathy are key practice values of the CKC community.
  • Effective communication is practiced by health and social care practitioners as a core value base. It ensures proper collection and understanding of information, and sharing it clearly, effectively and honestly with all parties involved. CKC promotes open communication that fosters partnership and enhances timely, effective and appropriate responses.
  • Confidentiality and privacy are constantly respected at CKC, with full belief that patients have a right to expect that information about them, whether written, verbal or in soft‐copy format, will be kept confidential at all times.
  • Diversity and equality are encouraged at CKC through the recognition, respect and active support of differences among individuals and their right to equal treatment and care. Anti discriminatory practice is demonstrated in words and actions in all CKC interactions.
  • Individual rights and choice are respected in that health providers at CKC seek to empower patients to be involved in the decision making  process concerning their treatment and care plans whenever possible.
  • All users of health care at CKC have a right to maintain their personal beliefs and identity in relation to self, religion, ethics, culture and sexual preference.
  • CKC maintains the highest level of Integrity through personal and professional conduct, and accepts responsibility, individually and collectively, for the outcome of all efforts made on behalf of patients, their families, staff and the public, thus committing to perform ethically and transparently, respecting all laws at all times.
  • Teamwork is promoted at CKC with full collaboration among individuals, departments and institutions to benefit patients by fostering efficiency, professional and institutional growth, and creative thinking.
  • Continuous learning is encouraged at CKC by actively supporting outstanding programs of education and research designed to encourage the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are of value to the organization and the community.
  • CKC endorses continuous innovation and values new ideas, recognizing that innovation and change are the keys to ensuring that the care offered every day is always better than that offered the day before.
  • Fiscal accountability is achieved through attempts to operate efficiently and cost‐effectively without compromising the quality of care offered at CKC.
  • CKC strives for superior performance in all business aspects to preserve the hospital's clinical, organizational and financial strength.