Nephrology (Medical kidney disease)

When do you need a nephrologist?

  • When you have a complaint that might be related to your kidneys. This may include pain in your flanks, swelling of your body (face or legs), high blood pressure, painful urination, frothy urine, abnormal urine color or turbidity, abrupt decrease in your urine volume.
  • When you have a condition that may be complicated by kidney disease like diabetes, hypertension, immunity disorder, gout, etc. So, you can detect such complication early enough to prevent or treat.
  • When you want to check your kidneys because you think you may be vulnerable owing  to family history, prolonged intake of antirheumatics, antibiotics or psychiatry medications.


Why CKC is superior?

  • CKC stands on the shoulders of a highly qualified team backed by many decades of experience, comprising 7 consultants, 15 specialists and 5 fellows, holding international and local degrees.
  • Enjoy the collective input of this very strong team that has jointly developed CKC-specific protocols for common kidney problems through their regular weekly meetings, rigorous training programs and workshops. Difficult cases are discussed at the team meetings upon the request of the treating physician.
  • Crucial for quick and accurate diagnosis is the immediate access to a robust backup of laboratory and imaging facilities that can provide results within hours if urgently needed.


You can receive immediate care 24/7 at the “General Clinic”, which is run by qualified physicians from 9 am to 9 pm and by senior residents over night. No reservation is needed for this service.

If you need more specialized care, you can book at any of the consultants or specialists clinics of which 2 or 3 run simultaneously every day. For detailed schedule and reservation please click here.