Urology is the second wing of the science of kidney disease, although usually seen as the “surgical” wing, a urologist may treat certain diseases by medications, just like a nephrologist. The dividing line in between these two specialties is the ureter. When you have a disease related to your kidneys you need a nephrologist, but when you have a problem related to your bladder or urethra, you need a urologist. Some diseases overlap, where urologists take care of the kidney disease, like abscess or tumors while others need combined approach by both specialties like stones and kidney transplantation.

CKC perfectly integrates these domains. When you have any symptom like pain, colic, difficulty or discomfort while passing urine or while having sex, CKC can always lead you to the right specialty or involve more than one specialty for taking care of your disease.

CKC has a regular daily urology clinic, run by highly qualified surgeons.