The major risk of kidney disease is on the heart and circulatory system at large, particularly in patients with hypertension or diabetes.

Trouble is that heart disease may be silent, and cannot be discovered without careful investigations. CKC has set up its sophisticated cardiology department to provide you with this service. Even if you have insignificant impairment of kidney function, you need to check-up your heart condition. Without any complaint and even without reference from your treating nephrologist, come to CKC for a short visit to make sure that your heart is healthy, to learn how to keep it healthy, or to treat it if there is already any disorder.

This of course is over and above the usual reasons for people visiting a cardiologist, including shortness of breath, pain, particularly on exertion, feeling your heart beat, coughing while lying down, etc. where you can find in CKC standard cardiology service, following international guidelines.

The cardiology clinic runs twice weekly, while emergency service can be provided 24/7 when needed