A 24/7 working laboratory. The staff is integrating a team of professional laboratory medicine doctors with Masters and Doctorate degrees in clinical and chemical pathology.

The lab is equipped with highly automated machines, with attached printers so that human errors are minimized.

The chemists perform routine tests as blood counts, biochemical profiles, bacteriological assays, hormones and drug levels, viral studies as well as sophisticated techniques in molecular biology for organ transplantation. Patients are requested to contact the lab staff for blood sample withdrawal requirements in the form of fasting hours. Certain laboratory tests need previous appointment.

A regular quality control is checked daily before running the test equipment to assure the results. All results are reviewed and rechecked and matchedwith clinical data. Abnormal findings are discussed and reported to the physician in-charge directly. Our results are delivered on the same day for most of the tests. We encourage sending results by email upon request. Home visits are provided on request for bed-ridden patients or those with difficulty in moving.